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<li>Seagate ST118202LC cheetah 18 - 18.2GB 10,000RPM 
Ultra SCSI Wide Hard Drive (ST118202L / ST118202)


Cheetah 18 drives combine magnetoresistive (MR) heads, partial response/maximum likelihood (PRML) read channel electronics, embedded servo technology, and a wide Ultra2 SCSI interface to provide high performance, high capacity data storage for a variety of systems including engineering workstations, network servers, mainframes, and supercomputers.


  • Integrated Ultra/Ultra2 SCSI controller
  • Multimode SCSI drivers and receivers—single-ended (SE) and low voltage differential (LVD)
  • 16 bit I/O data bus
  • Asynchronous and synchronous data transfer protocol
  • Firmware downloadable via SCSI interface
  • Selectable even byte sector sizes from 180 to 4,096 bytes/sector
  • Programmable sector reallocation scheme
  • Flawed sector reallocation at format time
  • Programmable auto write and read reallocation
  • Reallocation of defects on command (post format)
  • Enhanced ECC correction capability up to 185 bits
  • Sealed head and disc assembly
  • No preventative maintenance or adjustment required
  • Dedicated head landing zone
  • Embedded servo design
  • Self diagnostics performed when power is applied to the drive
  • 1:1 Interleave
  • Zoned bit recording (ZBR)
  • Vertical, horizontal, or top down mounting
  • Dynamic spindle brake
  • 1,024 kbyte data buffer (or 4,096 kbyte option)
  • Hot plug compatibility (Section lists proper host connector needed) for “LC” model drives
  • SCAM (SCSI Configured AutoMagically) plug-n-play level 2 compliant, factory set to level 1


Drive capacity 18.210 GByte (formatted, rounded off values)
Read/write heads 24
Bytes/track 104,840–159,008 Bytes (average, rounded off values)
Mbytes/surface 939 Mbytes (unformatted, rounded off values)
Tracks/surface (total) 6,962 Tracks (user accessible)
Tracks/inch 8,962 TPI
Peak bits/inch 183 KBPI
Internal data rate 152-231 Mbits/sec (variable with zone)
Disc rotational speed 10,025 r/min
Average rotational latency 2.99 msec
Seek Errors Less than 10 in 108 seeks
Read Error Rates
  • Recovered Data Less than 10 errors in 1012 bits transferred (OEM default settings)
  • Unrecovered Data Less than 1 sector in 1015 bits transferred (OEM default settings)
  • Miscorrected Data Less than 1 sector in 1021 bits transferred
  • MTBF 1,000,000 hours
  • Height: 1.654 in. max. 42.01 mm max.
  • Width: 4.000 in 101.6 mm
  • Depth: 5.75 in 146.05 mm
  • Weight: 2.0 pounds 0.907 kilograms
  • Interface Ultra SCSI Wide

    Product Content:

    • Seagate ST118202LC cheetah 18 - 18.2GB 10,000RPM Ultra SCSI Wide Hard Drive

    Before you purchase this item, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with system by visiting the manufacturer's web site.
    We assume no responsibility and will not accept full refunds for items purchased that are not compatible with your system configuration



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    Seagate ST118202LC cheetah 18 - 18.2GB 10,000RPM Ultra SCSI Wide Hard Drive (ST118202L / ST118202)
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